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06.11.16 – 13.11.16

24.12.16 – 19.03.17


Val Sinestra

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Exhibition and Events

Saturday, 05.11.16 19.00


Opening reception with regional culinary delicacies, drinks and traditional rhaeto-romanic songs performed by Sarah Studer

Sunday, 06.11.16


Reading & performance, Arno Camenisch

Saturday, 12.11.16 14.00


Talk & performance,

Kurt Derungs

Sunday, 22.01.17



Frederikke Hansen

Guided group tours through our exhibition Aua Forta – Art Val Sinestra can be organised on demand.
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Bus round trips

During the weekends of 4.–6.11. and 11.–13.11.2016
Nature/culture/food and wine lovers enjoy our bus round trips departing from Zürich. Specialised guides will spin mystical tales around our own exhibition and events, as well as the Mineral Waters Promenade Scuol, Nairs- Contemporary Art Center, Roman-Irish Baths Scuol, Tarasp Castle of Swiss Artist Not Vital, Zuort Chapel and the best local restaurants.

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State arts funding



Aua Forta – Art Val Sinestra

Initiative and artistic direction: Daniela Belinga

Organisation: Daniela Belinga und Adrienne Kruit

Design + programming:

Kurhaus Val Sinestra

Adrienne + Peter Kruit

Tel. +41 81 866 3105

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Many thanks for the good ideas and support to: Adrienne + Peter Kruit, Renate Lerch, Kurt Ryslavy, Helene Sperandio, Elise Tak and Jacqueline Weiss

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